Welcome to the UK PhD Cyber Security Online Network. We aim to provide the first peer networking facility for PhD students in the area.

We will incorporate an online expert/academic lecture series (1 academic or industry webinar per month) with networking opportunities and events. We will also run Q&A Panels with Academic or Industry Experts, and encourage all members to suggest and arrange events or speakers that will be of interest to the network.

The network will allow for Early Career Researchers to engage with PhD students in similar research areas as theme moderators, mentors or, in some cases, in remote expert skills/lab sessions. The UK PhD Online Network is an open network –including the PhD students at ACE-CSRs and CDTs, as well as PhD students who are not based at institutions with a critical mass of research on cyber security.

The network presents an opportunity for Cyber Security PhD students to engage with peers and with more experienced researchers through online and in-person events and identify serendipitous opportunities for collaboration or exchange of ideas, building a UK-wide community of doctoral students on this topic.

If you have any queries, please contact the network administrators on uk-phd-cybernet@bristol.ac.uk